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The reconditioned market place is driven by inventory. Customer satisfaction depends on the ability to fill orders promptly with quality equipment. We stock thousands of P.O.S. systems. Our technicians have years of experience working on and understanding P.O.S. workstations.


All components are disassembled and thoroughly cleaned.

Painting (click here to view samples)

Our unique approach to reconditioning equipment produces a superior product. Retailers have often frowned on painting. The quality and durability are questionable. At Rockport our unique approach to refinishing products produces an O.E.M finish that is difficult to distinguish from new. All plastics are put through a four-step process that ensures adhesion and durability. All markings and lettering are screened back on. The result continues to surprise our customers.


All equipment is assembled according to customer configuration. All part used are O.E.M. and no short cuts are taken. All memory is matched and ROM levels are updated to customer specifications.


All equipment is tested thoroughly. All machines are continually run through diagnostics and then loaded with test applications. All moving parts are lubricated and equipment is allowed to run for at least 48 hours.


Often first impressions are made by the appearance of packaging. Custom packaging ensures that equipment arrives safely. All equipment configuration and serial numbers are displayed on the outside of the packaging for easy reference. Whenever possible we use environmentally friendly and recycled packing materials.






























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